Specialist services

Specialist services

connect with clients on a deeper level + generate advisory opportunities

What's Important To You? (WITY) identifies the personal priorities of a given person so the first meeting is more valuable and meaningful.

WITY identifies a persons key priorities and uncover gaps at both business and personal levels. The WITY online gap analysis allows you to offer additional relevant services to your clients based on their high value needs.

enter a new era of estate planning

Until science makes the ultimate breakthrough, Estate Planning is fundamental for every person. Accelerate your estate planning offering, lead the process with clients, automate referrals and take this area of advice into the digital age. Providing holistic estate planning management services can change the economic business model for advisers.

systemise your approach to business planning + analysis

No business plans to fail, but most fail to plan. Business Wisdom is a planning solution that also provides diagnostics, benchmarking, gap analysis and action planning. It identifies and delivers opportunities for improvement across most key business performance areas. By prioritising areas for improvement, advisers can provide services that offer the most value.

understand financial performance + improve decision making

Bring genuine perspective to your advisory role with clients. myYardstick’s real-time business benchmarking leverages the power of qualitative and quantitative data to identity how your clients are performing compared with budgets and peer groups.

access + edit your documents from anywhere at any time

Still looking for that latest contract version? Does your staff need to allocate time for filing? Do you use up server space to store multiple versions of the same document? With myDocs, you can store and access your files from a common, secure location that is accessible anywhere, anytime. Fully integrated with the ARM CRM hub.