Recession Proofing Services

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Recession Proofing Services

If you were to drive your car by looking in the rear vision mirror only (or even blindfolded) – you WILL have an accident (and probably not a very pretty accident either).  Operating your business with the same mindset will work for a while but in times of economic downturn, rising interest rates, rising fuel costs or heaven forbid pandemic lock down – then your business is set to fail.  Recession Proofing Services.

In good times any weaknesses in your business will be hidden by your successes, but when going gets tough the weaknesses will quickly bubble to the surface.  Our team at Banyan Consulting will work with you and your business to help to support your business, should a future downturn occur.

We will help you to identify the weaknesses (that could be clouded by your strengths and successes) and help you to build a plan that ensures that your business continues to grow through the “bad” times.

We collaborate with professional business management advisers to report and implement the most suitable business structures, strategies, cashflow and cost effective systems that would render your business safe from adverse economic climates. Recession Proofing Services.

Recession Proofing Services

How our team at Banyan Consulting can help!

Forecasting what is going to happen to the economy and how this will affect your business comes from a wealth of experience and training that our team at Banyan Consulting has built through working with long standing clients and supporting businesses just like yours.

We are future focused on your success, building a plan to make sure that your business grows now and continues to grow.  Areas that we will focus on include:

  • The improvements of the quality of your financial records and any management issues that affect these.
  • Setting up a contingency plan with you and your business – the old saying “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail” rings true, we DO NOT want you or your business to fail.
  • Helping you to unlock the hidden cash in your business.  We will hep to build into your plan a way of paying your suppliers and teams and freeing up your cash flow.  Helping you to plan payment options and conditions that will help to see you through a downturn in business.
  • Working with you in any restructuring that you require to start to streamline your business.  Identifying weaknesses and shortfalls and helping you to manage these out, or to provide training or coaching to support key personnel.

Banyan Consulting is your key to “Future Proofing” your business, no matter what the future looks like. Recession Proofing Services.


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