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Business Improvement

The term “Kaizen” is often used in this area of business improvement.  A Japanese word made up of two part “kai” which has an English meaning of change and “zen” which has an English meaning of good.  Kaizen is all about continuous improvement.  Whether your business is now a success, staying stagnant and not looking for those opportunities for continuous improvement will have detrimental long term effects conversely if your business is at a stand still and not growing (worse still heading backwards) then the idea of small incremental improvements is an easier process to build it and to make it grow. Business Improvement.

At Banyan Consulting we believe in business growth, we believe that making small incremental changes to build your business will lead to greater success and increased profitability.

Business Improvement

How we advise for your business continual improvement…

At Banyan Consulting, we aim to improve your business to deliver greater success and to help you to deliver a change model that is both incremental and structured.  Principles of this model include:

  • Reflective improvement – analysing the improvements and modelling and replicating these throughout
  • Ownership and Accountability – building a culture where your team is not only accountable for their roles but take ownership over their roles
  • Measurement – just like SMART goals are measurable, building processes where you can measure the change process
  • Cost Saving – through incremental changes, costs are kept to a minimum
  • Support knowledge from within – advise on supporting staff and staff ideas to help in the growth and giving your team a voice

Contact our team today, we are ready to improve your business. Business Improvement.


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