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Estate Planning Services

As sensitive as the topic of our own mortality, we unfortunately will all reach this point in some time of our lives. We of course only hope that our end is a long way off – unfortunately hope is not a strategy, planning for this time is what our team will guide you through at Banyan Consulting. We are determined to ensure that your financial matters are planned for as well as any probate worked out ready for your will to execute. It is imperative that your family be able to access your financial records, titles and insurance policies quickly and effectively if something happens to you. Estate Planning Services.
We advise that you regularly review your will, life insurance policy and power of attorney for both your assets and your health care – do not be caught off guard, contact our team at Banyan Consulting today and we will work through estate planning with you.
We can assist you in making sure things happen as planned in the future even when you are not there.

Estate Planning Services

Effective estate planning is more than just getting your taxes in order…

  • Power of Attorney – who will care for you if you become disabled and cannot do this yourself
  • Guardians – who will look after your dependent children and especially those family members that have special needs
  • Provisions – for certain circumstances where conditions need to be met for future protection
  • Insurances – life insurance, disability insurance and long term care insurance, where these are held and completed correctly to protect you and your assets and family
  • Business transfers – in circumstances where you cannot operate your business
  • Minimise taxes – including court costs and legal fees
  • Revision plans – include an ongoing plan of when revisions of your estate planning should take place
  • Estate Planning Services.

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