Acquiring Finance and Loans

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Acquiring Finance and Loans

At Banyan Consulting, we assist our clients with finance applications and sourcing funding for purchases of various business and personal expenses eg. vehicles and property, business plant or equipment.  Financial statements and tax returns are often required by financiers as proof to verify your income, our team can prepare these for you.  We can also advise throughout the financing process to ensure that the loan is structured in such a way to meet your needs, to ensure that you receive maximum tax relief and benefits from your loan.  Banyan Consulting’s advisers also have a wealth of knowledge of financial institutions – allowing you to tap into this experience for your success in securing finance. Acquiring Finance and Loans.

Acquiring Finance and Loans

How an increase in cash flow through finance can help you and your business…

  • Personal Home Loans – Whether you are relocating or upgrading, refinancing opens up a multitude of possibilities
  • Commercial and Business Loans – Have you outgrown your current premises? or expanding into other area? Finance can help your business grow and expand
  • Investment Loans – Locking money away to grow into the future, investments to prepare and secure you and your business
  • Lines of Credit – Simply need an injection of cash between projects or throughout a project
  • Debt Consolidation – Bring all of your loans in under one banner to save on interest and to free up cash flow – Acquiring Finance and Loans.


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