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Insurance Reviews

Insurances are one of those topics that often get overlooked – protecting us from the worse case scenario, the worse case scenario that we honestly don’t want to think about.  However, as your business builds, grows and succeeds – you have a whole lot more at stake, a whole lot more to protect from stock to employees and premises to you. Insurance Reviews.

Banyan Consulting can review the insurances that you have and ensure that in most (we understand that some are unforeseen) worse case scenarios that you and your business is protected.  Analysing what you are actually covered for in your policy and what you are not is an important aspect in this process.  We advise that a review of your business should be done yearly to ensure an adequate level of protection for you and your business is covered.

Insurance Reviews

Insurances that you and your business should have/consider…

  • Income Protection Insurance – What if something happens to you? Will your business and your family survive without your income? Income Protection Insurance will pay you upto 75% of your income. Insurance Reviews.
  • Commercial & Professional Indemnity Insurance – Protect your business and the professional advice and services that you provide your clients.  Protect your commercial property and liability as well as your workers compensation.
  • Office Contents – The contents of your office has a value, if something unforeseen happens to the contents of your office it needs to be replaced and repaired as quickly as possible to get your business back up and running.
  • Retail Insurance – Protect your shop/retail location and the public in your retail business.
  • Industrial Insurance – Looking after your industrial equipment, processes and goods, Industrial Insurance is a level of protection that your manufacturing or processing business or company needs to consider.
  • Trauma Cover – Paying a lump sum if you are diagnosed with certain medical conditions, have a serious injury or need to undergo various medical procedures.
  • Life Insurance – An insurance that we quite often do not want to think about but helps to protect the ones we love in the circumstances beyond our control.

Insurance Reviews.


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