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Succession Planning Services

At some point in time (and it is inevitable), you will need to move on from your business, either through retirement or through the sale of your business.  Whether your business gets moved on to a family member or to a third party, having a succession plan in place ensures that true value of your business is realised. Succession Planning Services.

We understand at Banyan Consulting that you have invested many years of hard work into your business we DO NOT want to see that go to waste with a poor unplanned transition to the new owners.  We provide a level of support and guidance alongside a personalised plan to allow you to step back and release the reigns and giving the new owners a head start into many future successes.


How we support your business transition?

Leaving your exit plan from your business too late and not having an adequate plan to see out and transition your business to a new owner (whether that be a family member or a third party) can have negative consequences to your business.

You need to begin working on your business rather than in it to ensure that its success is not solely dependent upon you, therefore this process can take a couple of years in the making and in the planning. The key to a successful transition is a well-built, established and streamlined business platform. Our team at Banyan Consulting will ensure that you are adequately planned for this.

We will implement the appropriate governance, risk management and tailored reporting systems to give you, the business owner the tools and knowledge to transition away from your business.

In developing the optimum strategy to to support you, your family and the new business owner through a successful transition and succession. Our team at Banyan Consulting will provide support in areas such as:

  • Plans to allow you to transition out of your business
  • The successful marketing and reporting required for the sale of your business
  • Transition support in the areas of generational succession
  • Areas of buy out of any management or employees that have financial investment in the business
  • Management and restructure of assets owned by the business or previous owner
  • Any issues or changes to the business with regards to public listing.

Succession planning of your business can be a mine field that if done with the correct guidance and planning is smooth and hassle free.  Talk to Banyan Consulting today to work out your succession plan. Succession Planning Services.


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