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Business Advice and Coaching

Just like an elite athlete retains a coach to help to drive and motivate them and provide them with the right advice at the right time to build on previous successes and move their talents forward – a business coach works with you and your business to support the same model.  At Banyan Consulting, we have a wealth of experience that has built upon success.  We support you to drive your business forward and maintain a level of motivation and mindset to deliver you real rewards.  We give you this advice when and where you need it – coaching you through the figures and estimates to help you to make valid and successful decisions and build upon your successes to realise a business that grows and moves forward. Business Advice and Coaching.

Business Advice and Coaching

How our coaching model will benefit you and your business…

  • As lifelong learners we all have the capacity to learn, our coaching allows you to learn the finer skills in analysis to make better financial decisions
  • Building relationships not only between our team and yours but providing you advice to support practices that build relationships from within your business and out to your client network
  • Supporting you to make those hard decisions and giving you the right advice and structures to make these easier
  • Helping you to structure and restructure your business to drive it to greater success this includes underlying entities and financial processes
  • Connecting you to the right professional advisers when major decision making is required and follow through each step of the business improvement process with you.


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